NCMNS Data and API Terms of Use

NCMNS does not guarantee the accuracy of the biodiversity data served through and web services. Therefore, use of data accessed through the portal and web services is at the user’s own risk.

All third-party datasets provided through are acquired from publicly accessible sources. NCMNS does not publish third-party datasets subject to proprietary or restrictive licenses. NCMNS provides proper citations, license information, and data use policies through and web services for all third-party applicable datasets*. End-users must observe the provisions of the licenses and data use policies provided with applicable datasets. Commercial use is not permitted unless explicitly allowed by the provider. We make every effort to post the proper licensing and data use policies. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts, errors may occur. If any error is encountered in the license and data use policies provided with a dataset, please contact Ben Norton (see contact information below) immediately.

Please notify Ben Norton (contact information below) with any general questions about Please direct all questions regarding a specific dataset to the primary contact.

Provisions for personal data provided or collected while using the site are detailed in the NCMNS privacy policy on the NCMNS website.

*An 'applicable dataset' is a published dataset that the provider has properly licensed with a recognized license model (e.g., CC0, CC-BY-NC).