Data Types Reference

JSON Schema

Type Definition
string Contains one of more unicode characters that includes letter, numbers, and punctuation marks
number Any numeric type, either integers or floating point numbers
integer Numeric types that does not include floating point numbers
object Set of one or more key-value pairs, keys are always strings, each pair is referred to as a property
array Ordered collections of elements, where each element may belong to a different data type
boolean Binary set of values represented by true or false
null Missing values (not the same as an empty value)



Data Type Category Definition
string simple Zero or more unicode characters that are wrapped with double quotation marks to distinguish strings from other data types
number simple Double-precision float-point numbers, not enclosed with quotation marks
boolean simple binary value represented using true and false, not enclosed with quotation marks
null simple Indicates that no value is assigned to the corresponding key (an empty string is not a null value), represented by the word null without quotation marks
object complex unordered set of zero or more key/value pairs enclosed with braces, key-value pairs within a single object are separated with commas
array complex Ordered list of one or more objects enclosed with square brackets and separated by commas



JSON - Python

JSON Python
string string [4]
number int/float [5]
object dict
array list
boolean bool
null None