The NCMNS Publishing Platform is a cloud-supported RESTful API and interactive data sharing web application.

This project has four primary goals:

  1. Provide publically accessible data via a sophisticated API and front-end search interface
  2. Assure a scalable and reliable data source for third party consumption
  3. Publish research-grade high-quality data to maximize reuse
  4. Support the data needs of external projects via the API
  5. Allow our researchers to share their research data with the public

The application has three main components:

  1. Public API - a RESTful-based JSON API that provides public access to a variety of datasets.
  2. Search Interfaces – Advanced search forms that allow users to filter and export data.
  3. Interactive web applications – Small applications that enable users to explore data in a variety of ways, such as using web maps and visual filters.

NOTE: This platform is still in development. Some pages/features may not operate as expected.

The published data is reliable and high-quality (unless explicitly noted otherwise), but the structure, design, and documentation are works in progress.

For questions, cause, or concerns, please email the Head of Technology, Ben Norton at